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walk with no more foot pain

Light Therapy Boots to Reduce Foot & Leg Pain

2 Styles of LED Infrared/Red Light Therapy Boot Pads

Enjoy the activities you love again!

Choose from 2 Styles of Boots
HealthLight Professional Red & Infrared Light  Therapy Boots

Symptomatic Pain of Neuropathy 


Tingling, burning, stabbing and stinging pain or numbness are common discomforts experienced by patients suffering from neuropathy. Peripheral Neuropathy is characterized by abnormal sensation and pain in the feet and/or hands. The pain frequently interrupts sleep in the early morning hours. Neuropathy pain often interferes with walking and many daily activities affecting the quality of life.


Sensation problems associated with peripheral neuropathy often develop slowly and frequently worsen over time. It is wise to seek medical advice and diagnosis. 

Periperipheral neuropathy burning pain

The symptomatic pain of peripheral neuropathy is not typical foot pain. It is often sharp and debilitating impairing walking, driving, and daily activities. Stinging, burning, stabbing, electrical, shooting, freezing and electrical pain are some of the ways neuropathy pain is described. Numbness and the feeling of wearing an invisible sock are also commonly experienced. Cramping, spasms and restless legs are not uncommon. These symptoms usually have poor circulation in common. Don't despair, light therapy for the symptomatic pain of neuropathy can come to the rescue!

Why Light Therapy Can Help Foot & Leg Pain


Light therapy is a cornerstone of many neuropathy programs in clinical settings because of the ability to increase blood flow. 


Infrared and red light triggers the release of nitric oxide from blood vessels and red blood cells in the area directly under the light therapy pads. Improving blood flow and delivery of oxygen to the nerves with our light therapy Boot 122 and 131 LED pads may help reduce pain when neuropathy pain is related to poor circulation. Nitric oxide causes vasodilation, the widening of the blood vessels. 


Improvements in pain symptoms typically occur gradually over weeks of regular light therapy. A less frequent maintenance schedule is usually advised following a series of therapy sessions to maintain better circulation. 

LED Boot Pads are designed to offer relief from Foot & Leg Pain

 Red and Infrared Neuropathy Pain Light Therapy Boots offer powerful therapy for both Clinical and Home Use

FDA Cleared Class II Medical Device

2 Year Warranty

HealthLight Foot and Ankle 122 Boot
Red and Infrared Light Pulsed Light Therapy
HealthLight Foot & Leg 131 Boot System
Red and Infrared Pulsed Light Therapy

Easy to do therapy:

  • Plug it in
  • Strap it on
  • Push the button

Benefits May Include:

  • Reduced Pain
  • Improved Sensation
  • Improved  Balance

Choose from 2 Styles of Boots
Clinical Strength Red & Infrared LED Light Therapy Boots

Foot & Calf
131 LED Boots

Sandal Style Boot

  • Preattached straps, easy to put on

  • Strong footbed and calf support

Foot & Ankle
122 LED Boots

Convertible Pad: Use 2 Ways

  • Folded around the foot

  • Straight down the calf and sole

2 Port Controller

The Pads Connect to a Controller

Pulsed Frequency Light Therapy

  • 2 Port Controller is included with the purchase of any 2 pads (you may purchase it for a single pad system)

  • The controller runs an automatic pulsed frequency program that promotes cellular healing (4 Nogier frequencies are rotated for 20 minutes)

  • Start the 20-minute program with one touch of a button. 

  • Larger 3 and 6 Port Controllers are available to run 3 to 6 therapy pads. These controllers offer additional frequency programs.

Get a FREE 2 Port Controller with the Purchase of Any 2 Therapy Pads
Call for personalized system recommendations:

Easy to Do Foot Pain Relief Therapy:

  1. Plug it in
  2. Strap it on
  3. Push the button
20 Minutes, 3 or more times a week to Experience Change
  • Use a comfortable chair: A recliner or chair with a foot rest

  • Put a sanitary barrier in place for clinical use (plastic bag over the foot and leg, optional for patient in-home use) 

  • Place the LED light therapy boot pad behind the calf and bottom of the foot as shown above and secure by overlapping the preattached Velcro straps

  • Press the button on the 2 Port controller to start the pulsed frequency program designed for pain therapy and let the program run.

  • It will shut off after it finishes in 20 minutes, a beep will sound.

  • Therapy should be administered 3 or more times a week, more frequently may yield faster results

  • After the desired improvement has been reached, less frequent therapy should be administered to maintain the improved sensation


Foot & Calf

131 LED Boots


Foot & Ankle

122 LED Boots

Why Choose HealthLight?

Better Engineering, Better Diodes, Better Results!

Professional Light Therapy Systems

  • Made in the USA

  • FDA Cleared  

  • Stronger Diodes

  • Fast Treatment Times

  • 2 Year Warranty

How Neuropathy Therapy Works

See how infrared Light Therapy improves the pain of Peripheral Neuropathy.

Pain Relief, Nitric Oxide, ATP

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Testimonial: Ron tells his neuropathy story. He had extreme shooting pains and burning in his feet that resolved with HealthLight red and infrared light therapy boot pads. He's back to playing golf and working out. (Using the system once a day is a common schedule. Ron chooses to do more frequent therapy)

Testimonial: Results after the first week of therapy.

These LED lights are amazing. They are helping my husband’s back. The pain in my feet has decreased so I am able to walk better. The numbness has decreased slightly but I know it will take weeks or months for the nerves to regenerate. I am so happy that I purchased the HealthLight device. Thank you for your help.
Joanne Hart   11/20
   (Joanne and her husband used the 131 Boot and Medium 132 Pad System)

Testimonial: 6 months results

I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to stand much longer when I had progressive pain. It got worse until it was debilitating. I've been using HealthLight for almost 6 months and now I feel I can do anything I could have done 20 years ago!


Testimonial:  Back to his golf game!

Donald Althoff was unable to play golf, as he suffered constant pain in his feet and lower legs. His symptoms are much improved and Donald is back to living the life he loves.


LED Therapy Increases Circulation