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Skin Support

Boosting Circulation Supports the Skin

HealthLight LED therapy systems are FDA-cleared for increasing circulation. Blood circulation is a major contributor to skin health and appearance. Good circulation provides the skin with nutrients from increased blood flow and helps remove toxins. Circulation supports collagen restoration and cellular regeneration under the skin, resulting in naturally healthier skin.


Natural Support for Skin

The skin absorbs gentle but potent LED wavelengths of infrared, blue, and red light. All three wavelengths of light are widely used in aesthetic salons and clinics for a wide range of applications in both LED and laser therapy devices.


Light therapy supports the skin by increasing blood flow to the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous layers. All three wavelengths - red, near-infrared and blue - can be useful for the skin. Blue light deposits a lot of energy into the surface of the skin (epidermis) helping to energize it by increasing circulation. Red light penetrates the deepest levels of the skin. Near-Infrared supports circulation in both the skin and deeper structural tissues. Increased circulation also helps support your body's own ability to heal from injuries and infections.


Light Therapy and Anti-Aging

Light therapy increases circulation, triggering a cascade of cellular functions that may help improve the skin appearance.


Injury, Bruising, Burns and Wound Healing

Low-level light therapy can increase circulation in the skin to support the body’s own healing processes. Increased circulation from light therapy can help the body's own healing capability.


Red light can increase circulation to hair follicle cells.



Depth of Penetration of Blue, Red and Near Infrared Light into the Skin

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Tricolor pads and the Face Mask are versatile choices for use on the skin and may also be used for pain relief.
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