Managing Neuropathy Pain in Cold Weather

Updated: Jan 13

Pain, including neuropathy pain, can worsen as the temperature falls.

When we are exposed to cold temperatures, the blood circulation slows in the extremities to help maintain a warm core temperature. As blood flow is reduced in the hands and feet, nerve pain can intensify. Nerve pain worsens in the cold weather, especially when precautions are not taken. Commonsense steps can help maintain comfort during cold weather.


Increasing circulation through exercise and activity will help maintain blood flow to the extremities.

Keep your feet dry

It may be hard to know what your fingers and feet are actually feeling. Damp socks are a common cold weather problem especially if you you have been outside. Remove your shoes when you come inside and change to a new pair of dry socks making sure your feet are not damp. Avoid cotton socks that hold dampness and favor heavier socks that wick moisture away from the foot. Many socks are in the marketplace that offer greater warmth and dryness. Camping gear stores offer specialized socks that will do the trick.

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Wear gloves, add a hat and scarf