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Clinical Support Program

Medical Offices, Chiropractors & Health Practitioners 


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Support Program

We offer support and training to clinics so that you can get a profitable clinical Light Therapy Program in place quickly. We provide clinical assets, patient assets, and support so that you have what you need to easily implement your Light Therapy Program, allowing you to focus on your patients and staff.

As your rep, we do everything possible to provide what you need to be successful with your light therapy program and sales. We are just an email, text or phone call away.

Purchase HealthLight Therapy Systems at Wholesale for Clinical Use & Patient In-home Use

We know your time is valuable. We set you up to for easy ordering of HealthLight Systems.

Take just a minute to tell us what you need and where to send it in a quick email, text or phone order and we will do the rest:

  • we process your order for you

  • confirm it has been placed by email

  • provide a delivery date, UPS tracking and paid invoice receipt by email

We are also there to help when problems arise to help find a swift resolution as needed.

Benefits for Your Patients & Clinic

  • Improve Patient Results

  • Free Support 

  • Increase Revenue

  • Low Investment

  • Sell Systems for patient in-home use

  • Ready to use patient directions available

  • Foot and Leg pain (Symptomatic of Neuropathy)

  • Joint Pain

  • Knee Pain

  • Back & Neck Pain

  • Plantar Fasciitis

  • Many more applications

Why Choose HealthLight Systems?

The differences are significant. Many products lack the clinical strength to achieve the results needed. Industry-leading HealthLight devices have these advantages:

  • Quickest treatment time of any LED light therapy pads

  • LEDs are optimally placed within neoprene pads flush with the pad surface - no poking from protruding diodes, no loss of power from inset diodes

  • Combination of red and infrared light for ideal penetration and efficacy

  • Blue and tricolor pads for skin applications

  • HealthLight products operate at body temperature, unlike other products

  • Highest quality, most durable components

  • The most powerful LEDs in the market – clinical strength

  • No seams – therapy pads won't split or fray

  • USB-style connectors, no breakable DIN connectors

  • HealthLight Systems are Class II Medical Devices - FDA 510(k) clearance

  • Made in America, 15 years in LED medical equipment

  • Recently re-engineered for better performance and greater durability

  • 2 Port Controller Systems offer unique high quality combined with easy one-touch operation for both clinical use and in-home sales to patients, and custom pad combination is possible


Patient health is too important to risk with anything but the most proven quality products. HealthLight has been a leader in the field for 15 years. It is one of the few manufacturers to produce products only in the USA.

Therapy Systems Have Many Uses

Use to Support the body's natural healing processes through increased Circulation, Decreased Pain

  • Foot, Leg and Hand Pain symptomatic of Peripheral Neuropathy

  • Joint & Back Pain

  • Muscle & Soft Tissue Pain, Muscle Stiffness, Muscle Spasms

  • Support Skin

  • Sports Injuries

  • The symptomatic pain of varied conditions such as fibromyalgia, plantar fasciitis, and arthritis

  • Sports applications including pre-workout and post-recovery

Comparing Equipment:

If you have used another brand of equipment previously or are considering another brand we may be able to help you compare features, power and ease of use. We are familiar with most major brands such as InLight Medical, Anodyne, Neurocare Systems, LightSource, NeuroLight and some others. Ask to see a power comparison chart. 

Foot & Leg Boot Systems 

2 Styles of Boots
Combine any pads to customize a therapy system

Including light therapy in your clinical Peripheral Neuropathy  support program is a great way to introduce the benefits of light therapy to your patients. Profitable in-clinic neuropathy pain programs can include sales of foot and leg boot systems to patients for in-home pain therapy.

Foot and Ankle Boot 122 Style
Foot and Leg Boot 131 Style

Discount Opportunities:

  • Buy 5 Get 1 Free!

  • Trade-in program: get credit for your old pad therapy equipment when you upgrade to HealthLight!

4 Reasons to Choose HealthLight



One system and has many applications that can be as broad as neuropathy, TBI, and joint pain.



HealthLight LED Therapy Pad Systems are amazingly affordable offering a fast ROI. You can offer a valuable new  modality to your clinic at a low investment.



We give you FREE support materials for:

  • Your Clinic

  • Your Patients - home use support materials

  • Program Marketing Support and Materials.



  • Powerful super bright LEDs

  • Diodes are flush with the pad surface for comfort


Call now for pricing, questions and recommendations:
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Chiropractor Keith Volstad talks about patient results in his clinic and in-home patient use.
Watch to see why HealthLight LED therapy pads are stronger and more effective than others in the marketplace.

HealthLight Therapy Systems

Choose from 3 types of LED Therapy Pad Systems

Purple Satin

Battery Power!

2 Port Portable Controller
  • Replaces 2-Port Controller. 

  • Operate 2 pads at once.

  • Portable. Fits in your hand. 

  • Compatible with all pads purchased since 2018.

  • Battery lasts 4 -10 sessions. 

  • Can charge during use. 

  • Recharge in less than 3 hours.

Battery controller use outside on the go.jpg

3 & 6 PORT Controller Systems
Operate up to 6 Therapy Pads

Customizable Multi-pad Systems for Clinical & In Home Use

6 PORT Controllers can power up to 6 pads for larger therapy sessions. USB Ports connect any combination of pads for a customized therapy session. Choose from 7 Nogier frequencies or 3 automatic frequency programs.

3 Port Controllers are functionally the same and power up to 3 pads.

6-Port-controller-operate LED light therapy pads
  • Connect up to 6 LED Light Therapy Pads to a 6 PORT Controller
  • 3 Port Controllers are also available

2 Port Controller Systems
Single & Dual Pad Systems

Versatile Small Systems for Clinical & In-Home Use

2 Port Controllers are included for free with the purchase of two pads. These preprogrammed small systems are affordable, easy to use and offer many system choices for every budget and therapy need.

Single and Dual pad systems with an In-line Controller
Clinical infrared neuropathy boots professional.png

Musculoskeletal Applications

Increase Circulation, Relieve Pain, Reduce Muscle Stiffness & Spasms

HealthLight-Pads and Controllers product
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