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3 and 6 Port Controller Infrared Detector


Infrared light is invisible to the human eye and will appear off. 



The 3 and 6 Port controllers have a built-in infrared detector so you can verify that the infrared diodes are functioning.



Using the IR Detector:

While the controller is powered and switched ON, position the pad with the illuminated diode side facing the IR detector on the principal display panel, slightly above the IR detector eye - the circular eye is labeled. 

Hold a pad as shown holding any IR diode on the pad over the eye, a tone will be emitted and a green light will glow on the back panel next to the USB ports where the pad cables plug in. Shifting the pad, even slightly, will cause the tone to stop and the visual detector indicator light to switch off because the IR signal has moved out of the detector view field. The tone may change pitch as the frequency program settings change during the program sequence while the pad is in view of the detector. This is correct and indicates the sequencing feature is functioning. Frequency sequence changes vary in duration, up to five minutes

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