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Best Light Therapy Pads for the Feet

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Everyone has experienced foot pain at some point in their life. Foot pain can result from injuries like sprains or strains, plantar fasciitis, or from chronic diseases like arthritis and diabetes.

Red and Infrared Light Therapy is used to treat a conditions that need healing, relief of pain and inflammation, and improved function. For those suffering from foot problems, pain relief, healing, and the restoration of mobility are all critically important. Studies prove that pain in any area of the foot responds well to Red Light Therapy.

Red Light Therapy systems are considered to be Class II Medical Devices, and have been granted FDA clearance for increasing circulation, relieving pain, relaxing muscles, relieving muscle spasms, and relieving the aches and stiffness caused by arthritis. For those suffering from foot problems Red Light Therapy’s ability to increase circulation is very important.

Try Red Light Therapy for Feet

Regular frequent LED Light Therapy sessions may help painful chronic foot conditions. Many manufacturers of LED Light Therapy systems such as HealthLight make light therapy pads that are specifically designed for treating the foot. HealthLight, a leading American manufacturer of medical-grade FDA-cleared LED Light Therapy devices, makes 2 light therapy "boots" designed specifically for the feet and legs, and additional multi-use light therapy pads that are perfect for treating feet.

HealthLight’s Foot & Calf 131 LED Boot Pad:

Attached Velcro straps wrap over the top of the foot and around the calf securely hold the pad in place, treating the sole and the back of the calf simultaneously. It features 131 LEDs: 83 infrared (850 nm) and 48 red (630 nm). The top section measures 7”x 9” while the middle to bottom section is 4.5”x 15.5”. This pad can be used in two ways:

  1. Extended up the back of the calf to cover the calf and the bottom of the foot.

  2. Reversed 180 degrees and folded in half to treat both the top and bottom of the foot.

The Foot & Calf 131 Pad can be purchased in a double pad package, allowing you to save time by treating both feet simultaneously.

HealthLight’s Foot & Ankle 122 LED Boot Pad:

This uniquely-shaped 3-section pad features 122 LEDs: 70 infrared (850 nm) and 52 red (630 nm). The top section measures 8” wide x 5” long, the middle measures 12” long x 4” wide, and the bottom measures 7” long x 6” wide. This pad can be used in two ways — extended or folded over:

  1. When extended, it covers the bottom of the foot from the toes to the back of the heel, continuing up the calf.

  2. When folded over, it covers the toes and foot like a boot, covering the top of the foot, the sole, the heel, and both ankles.

The Foot & Ankle 122 Pad can be purchased in a double pad package, allowing you to save time by treating both feet simultaneously.

HealthLight’s Long 180 Diode Pad:

This pad features 180 LEDs: 80 red (630 nm) and 100 infrared (850 nm). At 16”x 5”, this highly flexible long and narrow pad can be used in three ways:

  1. Over the top of the foot and under the sole;

  2. Under the sole, up the heel, and into the calf;

  3. Place horizontally and put both feet on top to treat the toes or heels.

The Long 180 pad is also available with blue, red, and infrared LEDs for the same price.

HealthLight’s Small 90 Diode Pad:

The size and rectangular shape of this pad make it perfect for foot treatment. Just place the foot on top, or put the pad over the toes, or strap across the ankle with Velcro. At 9.8” x 4.5”, this pad should cover the toes, sole, heel, or ankle area. It features 90 LEDs: 50 infrared (950 nm) and 40 red (630 nm).

Still More Pad Possibiities:

You can put your foot on any pad! You can put your foot on any pad, or place it over or wrap it. The pads above are shapes that are ideal, but go ahead and use any pad you have available.

Give Foot Pain “the Boot!”

Foot pain and poor foot sensation do not have to limit mobility and reduce the quality of daily life. LED Light Therapy is the perfect soothing solution for all types of foot problems. Purchasing an LED Light Therapy system from HealthLight will help you and/or your patients experience fast-acting, dependable pain relief. HealthLight makes the most durable and most powerful clinical strength LED Light Therapy systems available today!

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