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Updated HealthLight 3 and6 Port Systems & Pads feature lighter cords and easy to use USB connections. 


Up to 6 Pads of any size can be connected to the 6 PORT Controller

HealthLight 3 & 6 PORT Pad Controllers

3 & 6 Port Controller Features

  • Sturdy Casing — stable and durable

  • 3 or 6 USB Output Ports

  • Start & Stop Buttons, Program Mode Button

  • Automatic 20-minute shut-off

  • Automatic & Manual Pulsed Frequency Programs

  • Frequency Program LED Indicator Lights

  • Infrared frequency detector

  • Designed for use with up to 6 LED therapy pads

  • Power Adapter

Frequency Programs

  • It features 3 automatic programs, 7 manual programs

  • Automatic program A cycles through frequencies 1, 4 and 5

  • Automatic program B cycles through frequencies 3, 4, 5 and 7 

  • Automatic program C cycles all 7 frequencies

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3 & 6 Port Controller & Clinical Pad Systems

Clinical LED Light Therapy Pads


HealthLight offers a full range of polychromatic pads that may be used on any part of the body. The flexible neoprene pads conform to the body contours. When needed, the pads can be strapped around a joint, the head or a limb or simply placed on or behind the body.


All HealthLight LED light therapy systems contain powerful Brilliant Light-Emitting Diodes with a medical-grade level of light output.

  • Blue LEDs are 470 nm

  • Red LEDs are 650 nm

  • Infrared LEDs are 880 nm

  • Easy to use USB plug connections


Please note: Infrared light is invisible to the human eye. The NIR diodes appear dark in the pad photos and are located between the rows of visible red diodes. The 6 Port controller has an IR light detector to test the infrared lights.


Also see our simplified EXPRESS Controller one and two pad systems.

About the Pad Photos:
  • A few of the pictures show the brightness of some of the diodes, but most are taken so you can see the surface of the pad more easily revealing all of the diodes.

  • Most pads have alternating rows of red and infrared LEDs.

  • Infrared light is invisible, you will only see the red light emanating from the pad.

  • All pads have the same strong bright medical quality diodes.

  • The diodes are flush with the pad surface, they do not protrude or poke but make contact with the skin.

Boot 122 LED Pad​


Used for leg & foot pain and discomfort. Convertible design can be used 2 ways to increase circulation in feet and legs.

  • Folds to provide light therapy around the entire foot or lengthwise along the calf

  • Secured by a Velcro straps

  • 25 x 8″ flexible pad convertible for foot and leg use

  • 52 red diodes - 650nm

  • 70 infrared diodes - 880nm​

  • 122 total LEDs - 72 infrared (880nm) and 60 red (650nm)

  • USB Plug for 3 or 6 Port Controller

Healthlight Body-264-Large-led-pad.jpg
Large Body 264 LED Pad


Large area coverage 1 Pad system for at-home or clinical therapy​​. The Body Pad is ideal for large areas of the body including the chest, back, hip, shoulder, knee and over the head. 


  • Pad measures 8” x 15”

  • 264 total LEDs - 144 infrared (880nm) and 120 red (650nm) 

  • USB Plug for 3 or 6 Port Controller

Local 132 LED Pad​


The most widely used pad in the EXPRESS line can be used for a variety of joint and body pain applications. Good for hands and wrists, shoulder, back, ankle, knee and more.

  • Pad measures 8" x 9"

  • 132 total LEDs - 72 infrared (880nm) and 60 red (650nm)

  • USB Plug for 3 or 6 Port Controller

Painbuster 90 LED Pad


This ideal all-around EXPRESS pad at 9.8” x 4.5” in size. Use this pad on your wrist, neck, elbow, shoulder, hand, back, foot, calf, navel, and jaw for strong pain relief.    


  • Pad measures 9.8” x 4.5”

  • 90 total LEDs - 50 infrared (880nm) and 40 red (650nm) 

  • USB Plug for 3 or 6 Port Controller

Painbuster 180 LED Pad


Long area coverage pad is very flexible. Wrap around joints, across the lower back or place on the spine. Uniquely suited to wrap around the jaw or forehead. Works well on the feet and hands.

  • Pad measures 5” x 16”

  • 180 total LEDs - 100 infrared (880nm) and 80 red (650nm)

  • USB Plug for 3 or 6 Port Controller

Facemask 104 LED Pad

This polychromatic pad may be worn over closed eyes or used anywhere for skin support. Secured with Velcro Strap. Comfortable non-protruding diodes.

  • Pad measures 10.5" x 5"

  • 104 total LEDs - 52 infrared (880nm) and 52 red (650nm)

  • USB Plug for 3 or 6 Port Controller

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