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Feet on Fire? Tame the Pain with Light!

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

I have sold many LED light therapy boot systems to both clinics and home users over the last 8 years. In the process, I have heard many people describe the awful pain, discomfort and numbness they experience ranging from burning to stinging, stabbing and scalding, and even electrical in character. Those suffering from neuropathic pain lose sleep, miss family events, give up activities they love and just plain suffer. It's not uncommon for their family and friends to lack understanding of what they are going through, this is not ordinary foot pain.

Enter light therapy. It's a perfect fit to help the symptomatic pain and discomfort of peripheral neuropathy when it is caused by low blood flow to the nerves. Many people experience significant pain reduction that results in improved quality of life. To achieve good results light therapy is used regularly over a period of weeks.

How does this reduction of pain happen? Your body's own healing processes are naturally stimulated by photons of light from the red and near infrared LEDs in the light therapy boot. That triggers the release of nitric oxide - a natural vasodilator.

Results will vary, but giving light therapy a try is well worth the time and effort. It is likely to help, and definitely won't hurt. The large majority of users experience relief. Patience is required, it is not an overnight fix. But it you start now, you could be ready for more activity by the Spring and that severe pain could be a thing of the past. 20 minutes several time a week can make all the difference to achieve results. Less frequent therapy is given to maintain good sensation. See our neuropathy page for more info on how this therapy works.

One more thing...this is about your health and quality life. Purchasing a therapy system is not a time to go cheap. Get yourself a medical grade system that will give you the best results and last for years to come - you deserve it, and it is affordable. HealthLight's therapy systems are FDA cleared as Class II medical devices and have the strength and features to get the relief you need.

Here's hoping that this therapy may give you something to dance about!

peripheral neuropathy led light therapy infrared boot system
Just 20 minutes is required to do LED light therapy using a dual boot system.

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