One User's Story - Why I Prefer HealthLight over other systems

Updated: Jan 13

The pain was excruciating — the worst pain I had ever experienced! I had been sitting on the linoleum floor engrossed in sorting papers.  All of a sudden, it felt like something “slipped” in my lower back. When I tried to stand up, the pain was unbearable. I had to crawl around the apartment on my hands and knees.  After being taken to an orthopedist, I was diagnosed as having an acute lumbosacral sprain and osteoporosis. I was out of work on disability for two weeks.

When that happened to me at the age of 44, little did I know that I had inaugurated a back condition that would return to haunt me over and over again for the rest of my life. I am now 65, and I usually have to deal with some amount of lower back stiffness and pain upon awakening almost every few days.

Through the years I have tried chiropractic and foot reflexology to help with flare-ups.  Both worked but had the disadvantages of my having to endure the pain while waiting for my appointment, and then having to get to the practitioner’s office when I could barely stand upright and walk.

In 2012 I was introduced to LED Light Therapy, which made a great impact in my life.  This modality was non-invasive, painless, felt comforting, and made a positive difference almost immediately in reducing my back pain.  I began to use light therapy at home whenever I felt any stiffness or backaches, and even as a preventive measure.

From 2012 to 2019, I regularly used the light therapy equipment of three different well-known US companies. In the summer of 2019, I was introduced to HealthLight’s Express Controller line of NIR (near-infrared) Light Therapy pads that can be used at home (a medical-grade that is also used in clinics). And almost immediately I preferred HealthLight’s equipment above all others. Here’s why-