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8 Reasons to Own a Red Light Therapy System

Lots of benefits make owning a versatile LED Therapy Pad system one of the best investments you will ever make!

Here are eight reasons why purchasing your own Red Light/Infrared Therapy system to have at your disposal is a wise investment that will greatly increase your quality of life:

1. Get Pain Relief Whenever You Need It

One of the worst nightmares for anyone in discomfort is having to endure the pain while you wait for the day and time of your practitioner appointment to arrive. If you have your own Red Light/Infrared Therapy system, fast-acting pain relief is immediately available 24/7, including Sundays and holidays!

2. Get Multiple Treatments Per Day When Needed

Since it has been proven that Red Light/Infrared Therapy has no harmful side effects, this allows people in severe pain to safely receive multiple 20-minute therapy sessions per day when pain is acute. Although this would be almost impossible in-clinic, having your own Red Light/ Infrared Therapy system makes two or even three treatments per day easy to do so that you can stay out of pain and promote faster healing.

3. Unlimited Maintenance Treatments

Most health practitioners recommend regular weekly or twice weekly maintenance treatment sessions to keep improvements in place once results are realized. If you have your own Red Light/Infrared Therapy system, you would be able to keep up maintenance treatments indefinitely and without any additional costs!

4. Treat Multiple Body Areas

Light Therapy can be used safely on any area of the body. If you have your own Red Light/Infrared Therapy system, you are never limited in treating your body. Multiple areas can be treated by the same system. So when health issues arise, your system should be able to treat them. However, it's helpful to have therapy pads large enough to cover the entire area requiring treatment. So owning pads of different shapes and sizes is a good idea!

5. Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Receiving treatment right before bed will relieve pain and help you sleep better. In addition to providing fast-acting pain relief, Red Light/Infrared Therapy is relaxing, soothing, and comforting If you have your own Red Light/ Infrared Therapy system, you can make treatment a bedtime ritual that helps you sleep more soundly!

6. Combat Morning Pain and Stiffness

Morning stiffness is quite common, especially for arthritis sufferers. Having your own Red Light/Infrared Therapy system makes it possible to treat yourself first thing in the morning to relieve pain and stiffness! This will make a big difference in helping you to have a much better day! All Red Light/Infrared Therapy systems made by HealthLight, a leading US manufacturer, have received clearance from the FDA for relieving the aches and stiffness caused by arthritis.

7. Pain Relief During Work

Most people spend countless hours seated and bending over a laptop or a tablet while at work. All this sitting and bending takes a toll on the back, neck, and shoulders. Having your own Red Light/Infrared Therapy system allows you to receive treatments while you work, treating sore and aching muscles before any issue becomes worse!

8. Weekend Warrior and Vacation Overdoing

People often engage in increased and new physical activities, such as walking, hiking, swimming, or sports — which can cause muscle or joint pain. Scrambling to find an in-network practitioner or specialist on a weekend, or when you are in a different state or country can be difficult, plus getting permission from your health insurer for an office visit can be a time-consuming headache! If you have your own Red Light/Infrared Therapy system, pain relief treatment is always available!

Choose HealthLight

Owning a Red Light/Infrared Therapy system can not only bring you and your family years of fast, effective, and dependable relief from aches, pains, and stiffness, but Red Light Therapy has also been proven to stimulate, accelerate, and support the body’s innate healing processes!

HealthLight makes the most powerful clinical strength Red Light/Infrared Therapy systems available. HealthLight’s LED systems are durable, high quality medical-grade devices for both clinics and consumers.

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