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Best All Around LED Light Therapy Pad - Large Body 264 LED Pad

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Often I am asked what pad design is best for a small starter LED light therapy system, or what pad to take along when traveling. I know the answer to that question - the Large 264 infrared and red light LED pad is my pick. Why that pad when there are so many therapy pads to choose from? Versatility, flexibility and large area coverage are the reasons. This pad just does everything well. It can be placed on the lower back, spine, neck, over the shoulder, wrap it around a knee, ankle or wrist, or just rest your hands or feet on it. You can even wrap it over the top of the head, or around the back of the head. Whether the Large Pad is used as single pad system, or part of a larger system, it will quickly become a favorite for many applications. It's packed with 264 brilliant red and near infrared LEDs designed to relieve pain and increase circulation.

You will find times to reach for all of the LED light therapy pad designs. For instance, the Long 180 LED pad is excellent for under the chin and over the TMJ area, or wrapped around the forehead, or on the foot for plantar fasciitis. And there is nothing like the Foot and Leg Boot pad to help address the symptomatic pain of peripheral neuropathy when caused by poor blood flow. You'll find many uses for each of our versatile pad designs.

HealthLight Large 264 Light Therapy Pad
The Large 264 LED Red/Infrared Light Therapy Pad is large, versatile and makes a great stand alone therapy system for clinic, home and travel.

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