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Large 264 LED Red Light Therapy Pad

Home & Clinical LED Light Therapy

Infrared, Blue, & Red Light Therapy Pad Systems


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HealthLight Red Light Therapy LED Pad Systems offer Powerful Pain Relief 

Safe & Easy Therapy for Clinical & Home Settings

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lower back pain infrared pad

Knock out Acute and Chronic Pain

neuropathy pain infrared boots

Better quality of life with LED Boots

muscle pain infrared light pad

Improve Patient Results

Offer New Services

Relieve Pain - Increase Circulation
HealthLight systems are engineered to get superior results. They are used in medical, chiropractic, and physical therapy clinics and are intended to last for many years.

Quality Matters

How to recognize quality:

  • JOULES: HealthLight pads are engineered for professional strength. This strength is measured in joules. Don’t be fooled—it is the optical joules measured at the LED next to the skin surface that counts.

  • TEMPERATURE: Temperature should be at or near body temperature.

  • TIME: HealthLight's superior strength allows fast treatment times that deliver results.

  • LENS FOCUS: Healthlight's focused diodes avoid loss of joules to the surrounding environment. The 20-degree aperture in our diodes directs the light into the body.

  • PULSING: Pulsed frequency programs help keep the body's response effective over time. Specific beneficial frequencies are used to promote positive cellular response.

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Battery Power!

2 Port Portable Controller
  • Replaces 2-Port Controller. 

  • Operate 2 pads at once.

  • Portable. Fits in your hand. 

  • Compatible with all pads purchased since 2018.

  • Battery lasts 4 -10 sessions. 

  • Can charge during use. 

  • Recharge in less than 3 hours.

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Begin Your Pain Relief Journey Today

Contact us now and speak with a light therapy expert.  We can help you select a strong professional light therapy system that fits your pain relief needs and budget.

100 Million Americans Live With Pain.
Light Therapy can help.

Photobiomodulation Therapy is available to you through HealthLight state-of-the-art pulsed Red and Infrared LED light therapy systems. We offer LED therapy pads with a built-in controller that runs automatically with a touch of a button, as well as 3 and 6 PORT component systems that combined a programmable controller and flexible neoprene LED pads. You can select the best configuration for your therapy needs. Controllers power and pulse the light in the flexible neoprene pads which are placed on the skin over an area of pain, injury, or where support and increased circulation are needed. 


Therapy pads contain superluminous red, blue and near-infrared LED's (NIR) that penetrate deeply into tissues for rejuvenation. Resulting increases in circulation allow more energy and nutrient-rich blood to reach challenged areas reducing pain and accelerating your body's natural healing processes. Research has proven that LED Light Therapy increases blood circulation, which is key to our health.


HealthLight pad controllers have easy to use automatic and manual settings and the pads have unlimited positioning possibilities. Several red, blue and near-infrared LED light therapy pads may be placed on the body during one session to deliver therapy to multiple areas and straps may be used to hold them in place. Affordable 3 & 6 Port controllers are designed for clinical and in-home use (3 or 6 pads can be operated simultaneously). A range of frequencies adds to the therapy modalities. 

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The gold standard for manufacturing quality




HealthLight products are FDA-cleared and manufactured in the USA in an ISO-Certified facility

  • Class II Medical Device

  • FDA Cleared for Pain Relief and Increasing Circulation

  • 2 Year Warranty

  • Manufactured in the US

  • ISO certified facility (Medical Device Quality Management)

HealthLight-Pads and Controllers product
Watch to see why HealthLight Infrared / Red Light therapy pads are stronger and more effective than others in the marketplace.

Strong diodes

The most powerful clinical strength LEDs in the market.


Red, Blue & Near Infrared light for ideal penetration and efficacy.


Highest quality and most durable components.

FAst Treatment

Quick 20 minute treatment times - use automatic programs.

Wavelength and Dosage
There are two main factors to maximize the benefits of red light therapy pads: the wavelength and dosage of light energy.


WAVELENGTH - Depth of Penetration

Most devices deliver red light between 630-700nm. Sometimes, near infrared light is included typically between 800-900nm. HealthLight provides both types of light because the combination of different wavelengths positively impacts the depth of penetration.

The bulk of clinical literature suggests that light in the mid-600nm range to high-800nm range is most effective. That is because these wavelengths have the greatest effect on the cellular respiration process.



The amount of energy delivered during the treatment is measured in joules. There needs to be sufficient energy transmitted from the red and infrared LEDs during treatment to achieve an adequate dosage. The amount of joules delivered from our pads achieves this goal.

HealthLight Red Light Therapy is the most powerful clinical strength LED pad system in the marketplace. See how HealthLight Compares to other Professional Light Therapy Devices
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HealthLight Infrared Systems for Clinical & Home Use

HealthLight LED red light therapy wellness systems are photo-modulated (pulsed, light-emitting diodes) devices also known as low-level light therapy (LLLT). The near-infrared and visible red and blue LEDs are the heart of these systems. Photons of light are directed into the body by placing LED therapy pads in direct contact with the skin. The controllers power and pulse (flash) the light using automatic or manual frequency program settings. 

Foot & Leg LED Boot Systems 

Infrared / Red Light LED Therapy Boots
Use for the pain of Peripheral Neuropathy
2 Styles of Boots
5 User Friendly Systems

Dual Foot and Calf Boot 131 System


Dual Foot and Ankle Boot 122 System

Demonstrated Benefits of LED Red Light Therapy as seen in LLLT Research and Clinical Use

One Light System - Many Therapy Applications

HealthLight offers two kinds of LED Light Therapy Systems: 

  • 2 Port Controller systems include a controller that operates one or two pads with a one-touch inline controller. 

  • Larger customizable systems operate with either a 3 or 6 port Controller. These controllers offer a choice between 10 manual and automatic pulsed frequency programs. The controllers can operate up to 3 or 6 pads simultaneously. You can choose a custom combination of red, infrared and blue LED pads in many sizes and styles to address all of your therapy needs. 

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For the Body

Pain Relief, Increase Circulation

For the Feet

Pain Relief, Increase Circulation & Warmth

For Wellness Support

Promote Sleep, Manage Stress
  • Relaxing Warmth

  • Pain Relief

  • Relaxation of Muscles

  • Relief from Muscle Spasms

  • Relief of Muscle and Joint Aches

  • Pain and Stiffness

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