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How to Get the Most Benefit from Your Red Light Therapy System

Whether you suffer from pain occasionally or constantly, Red Light Light Therapy can improve your quality of life. Infrared (NIR) Light Therapy helps bring fast, effective, and dependable relief from aches, pains, and stiffness.

Peer-reviewed scientific studies over the last several decades on show a very impressive, ever-growing list of medical conditions that researchers have found to be amenable to Infrared Light Therapy.

So, if are you thinking about purchasing your own Red Light Therapy system to relieve aches and pains at your convenience whenever you need it, here are 9 ways to get the most benefit from your light therapy device:

1. Place Your Light Therapy System in a Convenient Location

The easier it is to access your system, the easier it will be to use it! So keep your Infrared Light Therapy system in an easily accessible and frequently used location – perhaps next to a place where you usually relax — your bed, couch, or favorite chair.

Keep your system easy to see, pick up, and place on your body while you rest and recline, or sit reading, listening to music, watching television, or using your phone.

2. Use Your Light Therapy System Frequently

Faithfully keep up a regimen of treatment sessions. For a minor condition, one or two NIR Light Therapy sessions may be all that is required for pain to subside. For acute conditions, a few days to a few weeks of Red Light Therapy sessions may be needed to achieve the best results.

But for chronic conditions, practitioners recommend daily therapy sessions (or a minimum of three sessions per week) for several months to achieve the most optimal results, because the body’s repair and rebuilding of damaged nerves and tissues is a gradual process.

3. Remember Regular Maintenance Sessions

Regular maintenance treatments are desirable to keep improvements in place. So after your results are realized, don’t box up your system and put it in the closet. Keep up your regular Infrared Light Therapy sessions. But you can reduce them to once or twice per week.

4. Try Your Light Therapy System on Different Areas

Experiment with Red Light Therapy! Your system can be safely used on every external part of your body except the eyes, unless you have a face mask. But most people tend to only treat their major problem areas, and neglect therapy elsewhere.

If you have only used your system on your back, try therapy pads on your feet or hands. Your body will receive greater benefits as your system increases circulation in more and more areas. HealthLight’s neoprene light therapy pads are extremely flexible and comfortable, making them versatile enough to use anywhere on your body.

5. Use Your Light Therapy System Before Activities

Use your Red Light Therapy system before activities to increase circulation and help head off aches and pains before they start, plus help minor discomforts not develop into bigger issues.

If you have problems in your hands, do a therapy session before you start sewing or other handicrafts. If you have back problems, do a therapy session on your back before you clean the house, pick up groceries, play with grandchildren, etc.

6. Use Your Light Therapy System at Work

Let your Red Therapy system work for you while you work. Red Light Therapy excels at reducing pain and discomfort in all types of musculoskeletal issues.

Using your system while working can help relieve physical stress throughout the body, such as lower back discomfort from sitting at a desk all day; wrist pain from hours of typing; or neck pain from staring at a computer screen or holding a phone to your ear for long periods.

7. Eat Foods that Enhance Nitric Oxide

Nitric Oxide (NO) is one of the most important chemicals naturally released into the cells during your light therapy sessions. NO, known as the body’s natural vasodilator, helps to increase circulation. Assist NO production by eating these foods: beets and beet greens, arugula, spinach, Swiss chard, celery, watermelon, pomegranate, parsley, citrus, walnuts, hot chili peppers, and cacao.

8. Use Your Light Therapy System When Traveling

Consider your Red Light Therapy system as an essential travel item, as important as your toothbrush, sunglasses, or favorite walking shoes. Pack your system in your suitcase, and use it after sitting for long periods during travel, or to relieve aching feet after a day of hiking or sightseeing. HealthLight’s systems are lightweight and compact, and include a handy carry bag — making it very easy to take your system with you wherever you go.

9. Share Your Light Therapy System with Family

Share your Red Light Therapy system with family members. Your therapy pads can be kept clean and sanitary by placing them in plastic bags before each use. These bags can then be easily removed and thrown away after the treatment session. Your loved ones will thank you!

In Conclusion

Owning your own Red/Infrared Light Therapy system can bring you and your family years of relief from aches, pains, and stiffness. And Red Light Therapy not only relieves pain quickly and effectively, it also accelerates the body’s innate healing processes! HealthLight makes the most powerful and durable clinical strength Infrared Light Therapy systems available. For the best quality systems in today’s marketplace, choose HealthLight

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