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Infrared and Red Light Therapy reduces pain and inflammation and is safe and easy to use. Symptomatic pain associated with arthritis, plantar fasciitis, back, neck, joints, and many other conditions respond quickly to LED Light Therapy. With as little as 20 minutes of therapy, you could have a pain-free day and enjoy life.


Infrared Light Therapy is an invisible wavelength of light energy that dramatically increases circulation deep into injury sites and areas of chronic pain. Combined with visible red light, both wavelengths are delivered to the body tissues through LED pads placed directly on the skin. The result can be a rapid relief of discomfort, improvement in sensation, and regeneration of damaged tissue by stimulating the body's natural healing processes. 

Typical Pain Relief uses for Infrared Light Therapy:

nitric oxide

How does nitric oxide increase circulation?
During the 20 minute treatment, the infrared light energy releases nitric oxide from hemoglobin and endothelial cells. Nitric oxide is a signaling molecule that relaxes smooth muscle cells found in the arteries, veins, and lymph vessels. When these muscles relax, the vessels dilate thus allowing increased circulation


Who uses infrared light therapy?
Light therapy is currently being used in clinical and home settings around the world. Light therapy has been in use by the medical profession to increase circulation and reduce pain and inflammation for more than 20 years.


What does it feel like when using Light Therapy? 

A comforting, warm feeling.

Arthritis Pain

LED light therapy naturally activates cellular activity and to reduce joint pain and swelling. Red and Near-Infrared pads are used to deliver photons deeply into the joints to naturally reduce joint pain and inflammation in the surrounding tissues. Many of our pads such as the Large Body 264, Medium 132, and Long Painbuster 180 can be used for this therapy.


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


This common peripheral nerve disorder that causes numbness, weakness, and pain in the wrists and hands. Poor circulation may be a contributing cause of carpal tunnel pain. Low-level light therapy stimulates healing in nerve cells and promotes pain relief. The Local 132 pad is a convenient size to wrap around the wrist area and deliver a strong boost to circulation.


Knee, Hip, and Leg Muscle Pain

Knee and hip issues are common from wear and tear, aging and injuries. Light therapy can help relieve pain and joint inflammation in these joints. Light therapy doesn’t just mask the pain, it often addresses the cause of pain stimulating the body's own healing processes. Weekend warriors and sports enthusiasts often experience muscle soreness in the hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes, and calves. Red and near-infrared therapy pads can increase circulation and reduce inflammation in soft tissues to relieve pain. The large area coverage of the Large Body 264 pad is often the go-to choice for knee hip and leg pain therapy.

Foot & Leg Pain

Peripheral neuropathy is a neuropathic disorder with symptomatic pain and uncomfortable sensation such as numbness, tingling, sensitivity, and pain in the hands and feet. Neuropathy may have many possible causes but poor blood circulation is usually involved.


Photobiomodulation therapy delivered comfortably through our Boot 122 LED light therapy pads increases circulation and may relieve the symptomatic pain of peripheral neuropathy caused by poor blood flow.

Back Pain

Almost everyone of any age experiences some form of back pain. Regardless of the cause, increased circulation reduces pain and inflammation for people with back pain. Our Body 264 pad covers a large area of the upper or lower back and spine delivering strong pain relief. The Medium Local 132 pad, and Long 180 can also be used on the spine and back.


Neck Pain

Regardless of the cause neck pain can make daily life difficult. LED light therapy pads reduce this pain by increasing circulation and reducing inflammation in the cervical area. Light therapy can also relieve tight muscles and stiffness in the area enabling better flexibility and assisting the ability to move freely.


Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can develop from many causes. LED light therapy increases circulation to bring increased blood flow to reduce inflammation and relieve pain naturally. Stiffness and reduced range of motion may be improved over time.


Burns and Wound Healing

Light therapy is very supportive of skin healing. All three wavelengths - red, near-infrared and blue - can be useful for the skin. Blue light deposits a lot of energy into the surface of the skin helping to energize it. Red light penetrates the deepest levels of the skin stimulating healing. Near-Infrared supports circulation in both the skin and deeper structural tissues. Light therapy is helpful in reducing pain and infections related to burns, skin irritations, rashes, and sunburn.



Pain in the Jaw, Face, & Head Area

Light therapy can be used on the head to support circulation and reduce inflammation and pain. TMJ pain can be effectively targeted with our Long 180 pad wrapped under the chin and over the TMJ areas. Many other pads can be used on the head and face area depending on where therapy is needed. 

30 Second Success Story

VIDEO BELOW: Dr. Saputo has used Infrared Light Therapy clinically for pain relief for many years. He gives examples of its application for many painful conditions, including Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy. He reports that its use in the treatment of cancer pain is surprising and that this technology is amazing for sports injuries!


EXPRESS Controller System

Large Body Pad (264 LED)


​Economical 1 Pad system for In-home or Clinical Therapy​​​. This large pad is perfect for both hands, chest, back, shoulder, knee over the head and many other applications.

  • 264 Diodes -144 infrared and 120 red diodes

  • One button controller operation

  • Auto-off in 20 minutes

  • Pulsed frequency program designed for pain relief

EXPRESS Controller System

Painbuster 180 Pad 

​Long area coverage pad is very flexible. Wrap around joints, across the lower back or place on the spine. Uniquely suited to wrap around the jaw or forehead. Works well on the feet and hands.

  • The one-touch EXPRESS in-line controller runs a pulsed frequency program (cycles 4 Nogier frequencies)

  • Auto shut-off in 20 minutes

  • Pad measures 5” x 16”

  • 180 total LEDs - 100 infrared (880nm) and 80 red (650nm) 

EXPRESS Controller System

Medium Local Pad (132 LED)


​The most widely used pad in the EXPRESS line can be used for a wide variety of joint and body pain applications. Good for hands and wrists.

  • The one-touch EXPRESS in-line controller runs a pulsed frequency program (cycles 4 Nogier frequencies)

  • Auto shut-off in 20 minutes

  • Pad measures 8" x 9"

  • 132 total LEDs - 72 infrared (880nm) and 60 red (650nm)

EXPRESS Controller System

Painbuster (90 LED)


​This ideal all-around EXPRESS pad at 9.8” x 4.5” in size. Use this pad on your wrist, neck, elbow, shoulder, hand, back, foot, calf, navel and jaw for strong pain relief.    


  • The one-touch EXPRESS in-line controller runs a pulsed frequency program (cycles 4 Nogier frequencies)

  • Auto shut-off in 20 minutes

  • Pad measures 9.8” x 4.5”

  • 90 total LEDs - 50 infrared (880nm) and 40 red (650nm) 

EXPRESS Controller System

Small (64 LED)

Small-LED Light Therapy Pad-64-LEDs.jpg

​This small but strong pain relief pad has twice as many infrared LEDs in a small pad for deep penetration. Use this pad for treating pain-points such as wrists, elbows, neck, and heels. 

  • The one-touch EXPRESS in-line controller runs a pulsed frequency program (cycles 4 Nogier frequencies)

  • Auto shut-off in 20 minutes

  • Pad measures 5.5" x 7"

  • 64 total LEDs - 48 infrared (880nm) and 16 red (650nm)

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Large Body Pad for lower back pain

It's easy to do other seated activities while doing therapy for back pain.