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6port_contoller InLight Medical 6-Port-3-Pad-Expandable-System

LED Light Therapy Systems for Clinical and Home Use

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This controller features 6 output ports and provides 7 manual and 3 automatic programs. 

The 6/Port is intended for practitioner or home use where multiple pads are being utilized. More pads can be

added to the system and 6 pads can be run simultaneously.

  • 6 independent output ports for powering a variety of LED pads

  • 7 manual and 3 automatic programs

  • IR detector (near infrared light is invisible when lit, this indicator lights when lit NIR LEDs are passed over the sensor)

  • LCD display      

  • Auto turn off @ 20 minutes

Note: Pad numbers designate

the total number of LEDs in the pad.

  • All pads except the eyemask include near infrared diodes.

  • Infared light is invisible to the human eye so the diodes do not show on the photos.

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Light Therapy Pads Colors

  • Therapy pads are available in 3 LED color combinations.

  • For best function, some pads are available in red only.


Red with Infrared      Blue with Infrared   Tri-light: Red & Blue with Infrared    

2 Port Systems: Pair our 2 Port Controller with any pad(s) of your choice



Get our most advanced controller,

add more pads now or later.

6 Port Controller System

with 3 LED pads

     Package includes:

  • 6/PORT controller  

  • EYEMASK/104 pad

  • LOCAL/132 pad

  • BODY/264 pad 

  • Carrying bag

pads-for-pain Body-Pad-light-therapy neuropathy-pain-boot-pads

Additional styles of pads that can be added to your system. See available color combinations as shown below: Blue and Red with Infrared, and Tricolor.

Photobiomodulation Systems for

Clinical and Home Use

Custom Systems: Choose Your Pads & Controller

Free red led pad april special 6 port system




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