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System Components:

Pads & Controllers 

for Clinical and Home Use

We sell pre-configured and custom light therapy systems.


Authorized Representative

  • All pads except the eyemask include near infrared diodes.

  • Infared light is invisible to the human eye so the diodes do not show on the photos.


We provide support for home and

clinical users after purchase.

Add pads to  meet your needs. See additional pads and descriptions below.

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2-port-light-therapy-controller 6--port-light-therapy-controller

Light Therapy Pads

All of our therapy pads are powered by a controller that is easy to operate. Each port powers one pad which plugs into the controller.

  • Therapy pads are available in 3 LED color combinations.

  • For best function, some pads are available in red only.

  • Scroll down for all pads and color availability.

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