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By Susan, Feb 13 2016 03:49AM

In Light Wellness Systems is ecstatic to announce our March convention event will take place from March 17-20. Hosted by ILWS at the beautiful Dallas/Addison Marriott Quorum 'A Gathering of InLighteners: Revealing the Brilliant Light Future' promises to be our biggest and most exciting event to date! The entire In Light Wellness Systems Team looks forward to seeing you in Dallas at: 'A Gathering of InLighteners: Revealing the Brilliant Light Future'


* Keynote Speaker Dr. Fabrizio Mancini (Author, Educator and Self-Healing expert)

* Keynote Speaker Marci Shimoff (Author, Mentor and Educator from 'The Secret')

* Keynote Speaker Lisa Garr (Host of 'The Aware Show' - Author of 'Becoming Aware')

Hear from some of the Top Performers in our industry

* Wesley Burwell presenting: ‘The Real Science Behind Light Therapy'

* Jody Mittiga presenting: 'A Year of Talking About Light'

* Dr. Abraham Arias presenting: 'Diabetes & Light Therapy | A Clinical Study'

* Additional Fantastic Motivational & Entertaining Key Note Speakers

* Hear some LIFE CHANGING testimonies!

* Exploring the ‘Purpose, Process and Payoff’ of a Light Therapy Session

By Susan, Mar 27 2015 02:40AM

Jennifer Waters, L.Ac. has a fascinating view that relates the use of light therapy to acupuncture as a method of stimulating the acupuncture points. Both of these therapies stimulate the release of nitric oxide in the body. Jennifer will be instructing a class at the NYC Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences on June 28th, 2015. The class will consist of the history and evolution of light, its relation to cellular stimulation, clinical application of light therapy, and an in-depth look at the works of Dr. Paul Nogier.

Here is some of what the course will cover: Light therapy is a form of alternative medicine which works by stimulating acupuncture points to promote healing and better health. This ancient healing method dates back to Egypt, and is becoming more popular as case studies support its clinical benefits. In this workshop the clinical healing benefits of light and how light is absorbed via acu-points and what happens when light is transferred beneath the surface,of the skin.

Link to Light Acupuncture Course

By Susan, Jan 23 2015 07:31PM

With so many modalities available today, why add Polychromatic LED Light Therapy to your tools?

Whether it is used as a primary modality or along with other therapy, photons of light penetrate into the body’s tissues to stimulate beneficial innate cellular responses. The light wavelengths, especially near infrared, reach deeply into the body's cells, blood vessels, organs and even bone increasing circulation and activating the release of nitric oxide to assist at a cellular level. LED light therapy is a safe, natural, non-invasive way to promote the conditions the body needs for healing to occur, allowing oxygen, nutrients, drug therapies and beneficial chemicals to reach the affected local area through increased circulation. Pain relief and reduced inflammation are welcome results.

Substantial benefits for the body, mind and skin give us plenty of reasons to get on board with LED lights. We will highlight many of these throughout this website and in future blog posts, subscribe to hear the latest in LIGHT.

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