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Train, Recover, Repeat

Clinical research has shown that light therapy applied BEFORE/AFTER resistance exercise:


Light therapy applied BEFORE resistance exercise can:

  • Enhance contraction function

  • Reduce the fatigue response

  • Prevent exercise-induced cell damage


Light therapy applied AFTER resistance exercise can:

  • Delay the onset of fatigue

  • Improve post exercise recovery of strength and function


Athletic Performance and Recovery Study

  • Drug-free and safe

  • Faster recovery

  • Reduce pain

  • Reduce Inflamation

  • Increase circulation

Athletic Performance and Recovery Support for:

  • Weekend Warriors

  • Avid Exercise Enthusiasts

  • Elite and Professional Athletes

  • Active Seniors

InLight, Exercise and Circulation


Tight Muscles and InLightMuscles consume nutrients during exercise, and nutrient availability is directly affected by circulation. Research has proven that increased blood and oxygen flow from low-level light therapy improves workout performance, aids in recovery, and helps prevent injury. Continue reading to learn how increased circulation from light therapy can enhance every stage of your workout.




Ask any dancer or runner – properly warmed-up muscles perform better and are more resistant to injury. Light therapy can increase the mobility of muscles and joints when applied at the beginning of exercise, and can also aid in reducing soreness after exercise.


During Activity


Light therapy can also improve muscle performance and reduce the effects of fatigue during activity. This is because the increase in blood flow carries oxygen to muscles more efficiently. LLLT is effective for both low-intensity, endurance exercise like distance running, and short, high-intensity exercise like sprinting.




When applied following exercise, light therapy is shown to reduce pain and soreness in hardworking muscles. Increased circulation from light therapy also aids in repairing the muscles after strenuous activity, helping them to become stronger and maintain their optimum fitness level. All of this helps you get back on track faster and work out more effectively.


Sports Injuries


Light therapy supports the innate healing processes of the body because of its ability to increase circulation and deliver nutrients to damaged tissues. LLLT has a therapeutic effect on muscular stress and inflammation, and can be supplemented to accelerate healing of exercise-related injuries.