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About  LED Therapy Pads

The LEDs in our light therapy pads are completely different from those in common household devices. They are custom made diodes made for medical applications. These therapeutic lights are Irvisum Superflux diodes. Because of the brilliant light they emit they are also called Super Luminous Light Emitting Diodes. These LEDs are designed to dispense more light from a small aperture and have 200,000 hours of bulb life.


Our therapy pads are made from high quality neoprene. The pads are flexible and have a fabric backing designed for easy application of Velcro straps when needed. Many times the pad will simply lay in place and conform to the body requiring no strapping. The eyemask is one example of a time that strapping in helpful. Pads come with straps of appropriate length and width for easy attachment and comfort.


A disinfectant wipe may be used to clean the LEDs and neoprene of the pad, or you can place the pad into a clear plastic bag and then apply it to the skin to minimize cleaning or prevent contamination when applying the pad to a wound or skin eruption. Another easy idea is to use cling wrap much like wrapping a present. Do not soak or submerge the pad. If you would like to clean the pad with a liquid cleanser, first spray the cleanser onto a paper towel or microfiber cloth. Then use the towel or cloth to wipe down the pad. The pads can be reconditioned if needed after extensive clinical use replacing both the fabric and neoprene.


These pads are hand built in Albuquerque, NM at our production facility at In Light Wellness Systems. They contain intricate wiring and a circuit board. The LED therapy pads are powerful high quality  medical equipment and are classified as a Class 2 medical device.






What makes the ILWS irivisium superflux diodes different than other diodes?

Durability, high quality, and level of light output set the irivisium superflux diodes apart from the rest


Velcro strap holding a pad in place.

Powerful 200mx, 17° infrared LEDs

4500 millicandela (mcd) visible red LEDs.

The effective "as measured" output per diode is 72mw/cm2 for IR and 5mw/cm2 for visible red and blue

Blue LEDs are 430 nm

Red LEDs are 640 nm

Infrared LEDs are 880 nm

Many pads are available in various shapes and sizes to suit:

  • straight or flexed joints (elbow, knee, ankle, foot)

  • large back area

  • small local areas

  • individual points

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