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About In Light Medical

At InLight MedicalTM, innovation has taken us on a 30-year journey. We have committed our careers, our family, and our lives to creating the finest LED light therapy technology in any marketplace. We’ve committed ourselves to innovation.


Today our company has an average of 15,000-square-feet of neoprene and one million LEDs in stock. In our facility sit 400,000 resistors, 100,000 individual components and 6,000 power supplies. Today we offer an ever-expanding range of different pads and controllers and have 30,000 systems with millions of LEDs in the field in over 25 countries. We’ve grown from a family business of five to a company with 17 employees, including a full-time regulatory compliance officer. And this entity continues to grow as we bring on partners, additional employees with beneficial skill sets and develop our excellent sales team.


More than 30 companies in the industry have come and gone since we started. The difference for us is that we never stopped trying to improve our product and we never quit. We put everything we had into it, and it grew from necessity, passion and consistent commitment.


We are the innovators, not imitators. It can be easy to look at someone else’s design thinking that it can be improved. It is only when you understand the history of the device and the very purpose for its existence that you can hope to make a change that will propel it into the future. Our eyes are on this future, always searching for how we can innovate, improve, and make our products more effective. In our future, we see In ILM systems in every home, elevated to a primary treatment modality, enhancing health and changing people’s lives.


Our Mission

Design, manufacture and deliver the finest LED Light Energy systems in any marketplace while supporting our distribution network and serving our customers with consistency, integrity and respect.

  • American Made State of the Art Equipment

  • Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico

  • Innovator in the field of Low Level Light Therapy

  • 30 Years of Innovation in LED light therapy technology

In Light Wellness Systems Staff

The staff at In Light Wellness Systems in front of our manufacturing facility in Albuquerque.